Dr. Carrie Beth Smith

Hello! My name is Carrie Beth Smith, and I feel very blessed to be part of the 360 Living Care Team, helping others along their path to a healthier future.

My healthcare education began at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, TN where I obtained my doctorate in pharmacy. I began my career as a clinical, hospital pharmacist with a special interest in pain management. After several years of practice, I became a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist. I also completed a traineeship in advanced pain management and palliative care through the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. With all the education and training, I still did not feel I was providing the help that so many were seeking.

As a pharmacist, I was frustrated as I frequently saw people taking multiple drugs and not getting any better. Sometimes they even got worse! I was introduced to a concept of healthcare called Functional Medicine. I learned that just looking at topical symptoms did not provide the reasons for why people had health problems. I found that the medications prescribed often became a problem as they depleted vitamins and nutrients – no one ever looked at this. I found that people were taking random supplements for “better health,” but had no idea why or that these supplements could be a problem with their medications or health issues. I found that approaching pharmacy from a functional perspective, I could help people find better health by addressing the root of their health issue, and not just providing a band-aid for their symptoms.

I am also a personal testament to the 360 Living program. I struggled with my weight for most of my life. I tried so many “diets” and exercise routines – nothing seemed to work long-term. I began my journey to health and wellness with the help and encouragement of my mentor and friend, Dr. Carmen Keith. During my journey I discovered that health looks different on everyone and I had to find what was right for me. I began to find consistent progress and during the first two years on this journey, I lost 100 pounds and kept it off. Health and wellness are not simply about the food I put into my body or the exercise I do, but also include a healthy mindset that speaks to personal worth. I am worth my health – and you are too. I had to discover this to make progress on my journey. The Mood-Food program offered at 360 Living developed out of this journey. If our health is simply determined by number of calories and amount of exercise, everyone would be healthy. It is not that simple. We must address how our mood, thoughts, and emotions are tied to our views on food and overall wellness. It is a process, but one that helps provide lasting results.

I knew education would continue to be important, and a healthy mindset would be necessary for success. I became Wellcoaches certified, combining my interests for health of the body and mind. I also returned to school to pursue a master’s degree in counseling as I am convinced that health and wellness are only possible when there is health and wellness of the body, mind, and soul.

Daily I am inspired by Dr. Keith’s vision for 360 Living. I believe that everyone has dreams for their health. Unfortunately, people often lose hope when it seems to be a continued struggle with no improvements. My goal is to provide hope through tools and education to each patient so that they can finally achieve their health dreams!

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Maybe you still have some questions to ask before deciding to embrace 360 Living. Our care team coordinator is happy to answer any questions you have as you consider moving from a life of surviving to thriving.

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