Functional Pharmacy

At 360 Living, we incorporate a component of functional pharmacy into our functional wellness practice. We are the only practice in this area integrating the skills and knowledge of both a functional physician and pharmacist, which enhances our ability to help you care for and maintain your health.

Functional pharmacy, as a component of functional medicine, seeks to integrate, not separate your medical care. Functional pharmacists collaborate with both your traditional and functional physicians to develop a plan that is systems-based, not symptoms-based. Using our knowledge of traditional medications, supplements, and other functional medicine options, we are an integral part of your care team. Functional pharmacists help create a personalized program for your wellness journey.

Some principles that characterize Functional Pharmacy are as follows:.

  • Functional pharmacists prioritize knowledge and education with their patients. A Functional Pharmacist reviews your medications, supplements, and other wellness practices as they relate to your health history and lifestyle choices. We look for potential interactions among medications, supplements, and other lifestyle factors. This evaluation provides you with information to help empower you to make decisions with your healthcare provider toward optimizing your pharmaceutical/supplement regimen. You may schedule your one hour medication and supplement review with our functional pharmacist by contacting 360 Living.
  • Functional pharmacists recognize that there are more components of medications and supplements than just the active ingredients. Some medications and supplements contain fillers and binders to which some individuals are sensitive or allergic. We will also look at these “inactive” ingredients to ensure they do not compromise your health. For additional information, see our blog, “Hey Pharmacist! Why Does this Pill Make Me Feel Bad?
  • Prevention is a priority. At 360 Living, our functional pharmacist works closely with our functional physician to help you avoid potential pitfalls in your future by addressing your current health concerns. We believe a team approach provides you with the greatest opportunity for a successful journey. You can learn more about beginning this journey by scheduling a Free Phone Consultation.
  • Functional pharmacists do not downplay the benefits of traditional medicine. However, we also recognize that it may create an environment of irresponsible, self-destructive behavior when utilized in place of healthy lifestyle practices. We also recognize that supplements may perpetuate the same belief system. We provide education on the risks and benefits of these practices to help you make decisions that will positively impact your health.

Utilizing a functional medicine physician in combination with a functional pharmacist provides a unique approach to health and wellness. Our individual education, knowledge, and skill sets complement each other and provide you with a well-rounded team dedicated to helping you on your path to wellness. You can find more information on our blog, “The Health Benefits of Physician and Pharmacist Collaboration.

Whether 360 Living is your first experience with a functional medicine physician and pharmacist or your latest one, we will work together with you as you pursue your journey to vibrant health.

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