We employ a personalized, functional program that focuses on purifying, renewing, and strengthening the body, mind, and spirit for lasting health and wellness.

Answering the Why

We believe when you experience negative health symptoms, it is your body’s way of trying to get your attention. These symptoms are an indication your body is missing something vital to maintain health. Asking and answering why your body feels the way it does is a first step on your journey to wellness.

Consider that your health is much like an iceberg. Your symptoms are the visible portion of the iceberg above the water – what you see, feel, and experience. However, the cause of these symptoms is much deeper. You must dive below the surface to discover the why that is creating the symptoms. Addressing the why restores vitality and creates a life that thrives.

At 360 Living, you will be joined by Dr. Keith and her care team who will help you discover why you feel the way you do. We will help create a personalized plan for your journey to live a life of full spectrum health.

Our care team, under the guidance of Dr. Carmen Keith approaches health and wellness based on the following:

      • Interpreting your Functional Medicine Analysis allows us to view your health journey from your beginning to your present day. This allows us to better understand where you started and where you are going. This is exploring the part of the iceberg under the water.
      • Creating an individualized program utilizing various modalities to maximize your wellness.
      • Emphasizing health for the mind, body, and spirit
      • Focusing on optimal health – not just the absence of symptoms
      • Requiring you to take an active role in your health creation goals and wellness vision
      • Providing the body with what it needs for health thus harnessing the body’s ability to heal itself

How It Works

We provide individualized plans, testing, education, and coaching to help you on your quest toward your best-self. Many of our partners experience improvements to their health and wellness within a short time of starting to work with our care team.


Health Strategy Call

Your first step is to schedule a free health Strategy call with a 360 Living care team member. We will call you at your scheduled time and begin pre-education prior to your consultation with the doctor. This ensures your health journey has a positive and strong foundation.



Scheduled education and coaching sessions as well as individual follow-up to promote your best health.


Community & Support

Unlimited email contact with care team providers for quick conversations, plus group education events for support on your wellness journey.

Collaborative care approach between care team providers and wellness partners.

We provide group education on topics such as nutrition, detox, exercise, and mindfulness. We also offer the opportunity for you to see how emotions can affect your eating habits and ultimately your health.

Are You Wondering If 360 Living Is Right For You?

Maybe you have some questions you would like to ask before you make a decision on becoming a partner. Our care coordinator is happy to answer any questions you have.

Hear From Our Clients

“As a person who has struggled with weight my whole life, 360 Living taught me it wasn’t just about my choices in food. I had to address my nutrition, but also the choices I made about my health in other areas such as in my mind and spirit. I know that to be at my best health, I have to take care of all parts of me.”


Healthy 360 Partner

“I have seen confirmation that this was the best path for me. Each step in my journey toward better health has been a step of transformation. Each change directed my steps toward better health and wellness. As my journey continues to progress, it is easier to continue moving forward – going back is not an option.”


Transformed 360 Partner

Take your first step toward 360 living today

Maybe you still have some questions to ask before deciding to embrace 360 Living. Our care team coordinator is happy to answer any questions you have as you consider moving from a life of surviving to thriving.

Why wait for tomorrow? Choose to Live 360 Today!

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