“All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates.

Nearly 2500 years ago, the father of modern medicine made this statement and only now are we beginning to see how true this is. We know that about 70% of Americans have some type of digestive issues or digestive-related disease. However, we know that many common treatments are simply band aids, used to suppress symptoms rather than discovering what the root of the problem really is.

We know that the digestive track (or gastrointestinal track) is very large. While most people think of the stomach and intestines as the digestive track, it actually starts in the area of the nose and mouth and continues through the body. How big is it? Well, if you removed the entire system, the surface area would be as large as two tennis courts. Knowing that the digestive track takes up this much room, it makes sense that we can create significant improvements in health if we normalize gut function.

What is it in the gut that creates some of the issues and can also fix some of the digestive issues that people have? This would be the microbiome or the bacteria that are naturally part of our body. The human body has somewhere around 90 trillion cells. That seems like a huge number, until we consider that the bacteria in our body outnumbers our human cells 10 to 1!! So if some of the bacteria is not healthy or we have an infection that brings in harmful bacteria the gastrointestinal (GI) track can be compromised and digestive issues and disease can develop.

While many of us think of digestive issues or disease as things like ulcers, acid reflux, or “stomach flu,” because the GI track covers so much of the body, if it is not healthy, it can create other unhealthy systems.

People with allergies, pain, or autoimmune diseases may also have issues with their gut. Perhaps an unhealthy gut is part of the reason these symptoms and disease exist.

Our desire at 360 Living is to help you find the root cause of the symptoms you may be experiencing. It is possible that your gut plays a role in them. We offer a gut health seminar several times each month, and would invite you to come and learn more about how your gut can affect your health!

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