To celebrate spring, I pledge allegiance to… me! To care for my body, and to nurture and look after myself the best way I can.

Regardless of where we live, spring seems to bring welcomed changes. More daylight, warmth, and greening growth as our earth re-energizes. We often have more energy, vitality, and motivation to bring new growth into our lives

Below is a list of suggestions to get you back on track to living with a clean, cleared slate:

1. Make a To-Do List

A to-do list is a list of tasks that need to be carried out. Making a list and following through with it will keep you organized and allow you to feel less anxious. Each time you begin to scratch one more thing off your list, you will feel more organized, less stressed, and you will bring more calmness into your state of being. The feeling of being overwhelmed begins to dissipate and dissolve away. 

2. Declutter

An accumulation of clutter or chaos in the home can increase stress levels and may create a feeling of being overwhelmed in our daily routines and life. Tackling your to-do list in small baby steps can lead to calmness and peace once again. We become stressed with an environment that is cluttered and in disarray. House clutter is a visible manifestation of procrastination. Being disorganized in the home is a daily reminder of disorganization and it can continue to eat away at us. So unleash all the accumulated clutter in your home. Open your windows. Let the fresh air come in. Rid the closets of unwanted items and donate them to a local charity. Putting your home space in order will put your life back in order.

3. Eat Clean, Be Clean

Now that you began to rid the home of unwanted clutter, start to focus your attention on the philosophy, “you are what you eat.” Set and begin your day with the mantra “eat clean, be clean.” Fuel your body with great food options. You are what you eat, so why not fuel your body with natural goodness? Drink plenty of water with a twist of lemon. Eat fresh fruits and tons of veggies more often. Enjoy a smoothie filled with homegrown goodness. Juice it up daily with a glass filled with exploding vitamins. Enjoy the natural ways of eating, and make it a lifestyle change to a better way of feeling and a better way of being.

4. Get Active!

Use springtime to detox your body and your life through activity. Physical activity can help to calm your mind to clarity, it builds a fit vehicle for your soul, and it melt away every hint of tension, which lies deep within your core. So get to a workout class, get out and enjoy a walk in nature, and move yourself back into a place of feeling good once again. Being physically active not only makes you look and feel good, it helps reduce stress levels so you can take on the rest of your day in a calm manner. Feeling good on the inside will make you glow on the outside.

5. Clear Your Thoughts

We all experience thousands of thoughts every day. With life’s daily hassles, it can become easy to get caught up in negative thinking such as pessimism, cynicism, and comparison. When we view life with a negative filter, it becomes easier and easier to attach to those thoughts and ruminate on what is wrong – instead of all that is right.

The cleanup: Find the joy. Make a list of things that you enjoy doing and can easily fit into your life each week. This may include scheduling a manicure, hitting up the driving range, going to see a movie, or meeting a friend for coffee. It can be anything, as long as it brings you happiness and is something you can do easily. When we attend to the things that make us happy and bring them into our lives, we can begin to see things in a more positive light.

Decluttering your life from the inside out will create more room to breathe, to enjoy, and to live a life filled with happiness: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Clearing away the past of unwanted clutter in and out will present a future filled with clarity of mind, body, and soul.


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