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Get The Nutrition And Support Your Body Needs So You Can Live The Life You Deserve. 

Nutrient injections are a very efficient way to provide nutrition and support that the body needs to become healthy and thrive. We frequently give oral supplements to impact health by providing missing nutrients needed on your health journey. However, there are times that using IM (intramuscular) or subq (subcutaneous) injections will jumpstart the process through rapid absorption at a cellular level, providing cells with the support needed to thrive and function optimally.

Who Can Benefit from 360 Jumpshots?

The short answer is just about anyone. Very rarely do we get the nutrients needed for our bodies to function at their peak performance. Nutrient injections can help supply the body with nutrients it needs for overall good health.


Why Should I Consider 360 Jumpshots?

Scientific evidence confirms that vitamin and other nutrient deficiencies cause inflammation, impact disease processes, and ultimately, the overall condition of health. Vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant deficiencies can cause a cascade of dysfunction and a decline in overall health. The body is already under significant stress due to aging, disease, pollution in the environment, poor diets, lack of exercise, and other stressors. Providing nutrients through 360 Jumpshot can help support the body and improve overall health.

I take an oral supplement. Why Should I Use a 360 Jumpshot?

No matter how good an oral supplement is, sometimes the body’s metabolism breaks down so much of the supplement that there isn’t enough left to provide adequate support. This is especially common when the body is already deficient in particular vitamins and minerals. Injections offer 100% absorption with 100% delivery to the systems utilizing them. Once oral supplements go through the metabolic system, sometimes only 15-30% may be available for use. This means with an injection you are getting more vitamins and nutrients to the cell, and nutrient deficiencies may be

corrected much more quickly than with an oral supplement.Once corrected, an oral supplement may then be useful for maintenance.


If Injections are so Useful, Why Can’t I Get All of My Supplements by Injection?

Some substances aren’t safe to be given by injection so these we must give orally. Not only is it important that supplements be effective, but we want to be sure they are safe as well. At 360 Living a physician, Dr. Carmen Keith, MD, and a pharmacist, Dr. Carrie Beth Smith, PharmD, work together to make sure that all injections are safe.

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Feeling anxious or have muscle tension? The Calm injection helps improve poor sleep, tension and calms anxious feelings.

Contains: GABA, Magnesium, Taurine, Theanine

Energy Surge

A higher dose of Pure Energy! Includes B complex for those who need a little more support.

Contains: Methylcobalamin B12 and B-Complex

Mito Support

Body feeling tired and muscles ache? This combo will help support the engine of your cells (Mitochondria).

Contains: MIC/B12Pyroxidine, L-carnitine, and  Co-Q10

Immune Boost

Going on a flight? Coming down with a cold? Fighting a recurrent infection? When our immune system is weakened due to nutrient depletion, this booster may support the body’s immune system.

Contains: B-Complex, Methylcobalamin (B12), Magnesium Sulfate, Selenium, and Vitamin D3

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