Neuropathy Testimonial

Neuropathy Testimonial

Metabolic Weight Loss Testimonial

Neuropathy Testimonial

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Neuropathy Testimonial

Neuropathy Testimonial

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December 12, 2017.
After watching my feet slowly changing to a numbing , tingling state for several months, I started to become curious as to my declining ability to remain active. I have always been able to do whatever I wanted. I had just retired the year before at the age of 62 and had plenty of plans ahead of me. But something was changing and I didn’t like the way things were feeling. I was scrolling on the internet one day when an ad for a neuropathy seminar came up on the screen. I clicked on it and it described a lot of the symptoms I was experiencing. The company was called “360 LIVING”,and they were conducting a free seminar in Cape Girardeau Mo. Only being an hour drive, I decided to check it out.

December 18, 2017
As I entered the office, I was met by the friendly smile of Carrie Beth, who showed me the way to the meeting room and filling out paperwork. After a short video about Neuropathy, Dr Carmen Keith presented her program on the treatment of Neuropathy. After her presentation, we were given the option to participate in a non-pressurized way. Live with it or turn it around. No brainer for me.

December 27,2017
Evaluation Day, Dr Keith examined both feet and it was determined that I had a 65% feeling my feet. Not what I wanted to hear at that time. In 2 weeks, we were headed to Florida for our 3 month snowbird vacation. Wanting to get started on this program, I didn’t know how this was going to happen. Then Dr Keith informed me that this was a home program and I could take the equipment with me. Perfect, I loss in both had lots of free time to do my treatments.

Fast Forward, March 27, 2018,

Follow-up appt with Dr Keith. a new evaluation was conducted. I knew that things felt different because I was able to walk barefoot approximately 1 mile on the sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast., something I have not been able to do. After a brief examination of both my feet, a huge smile came across Dr Keith’s face as she revealed my results. I had reduced my sensory loss down to 32% in only 3 months. 65% to 32% sensory loss in only 3 months. Need I say more..

I expect the next 3 months to be just as impressive as the first 3. I can’t wait.

Don Edwards

Neuropathy Program Patient

When I came to see Dr. Keith at 360 Living, one of the things she said she could help me with was weight loss. When I started working with her, I was 335 pounds. I knew I needed to lose weight and I wanted to. Dr. Keith and her staff helped me understand my food choices and how to eat better. When I came to see Dr. Keith, I was on two types of insulin and four blood pressure medications. I also used a CPAP at night to sleep.

While I’ve had some other challenges occur during the program, in the 6 months I have worked with her, I have lost 60 pounds. My blood sugars have decreased enough that I only need one type of insulin, and even the dose on that insulin has decreased. I am off one of my blood pressure medications and my CPAP is as low as it will go. I’ve learned to make better choices with my food, and I am eating much better. I don’t feel deprived and I know what I am doing is better for my body.

I would recommend 360 Living for anyone who is looking to lose weight in a safe and healthy way!

Eddie Yamnitz

Metabolic Weight Loss Patient

My name is Teresa Anderson. I was a patient of Dr. Keith’s at her previous practice location. I have had four back surgeries and have a stimulator to help with my pain. I heard that Dr. Keith was starting a new program and was having a seminar, so I went to hear about what she would be offering. Dr. Keith explained that there were ways she could help me now that she was unable to do in her previous practice.

I went to Dr. Keith for my initial appointment and examination and decided to do the 360 Living neuropathy program with her. I needed something different. My pain was so bad at times that I would just cry. I hadn’t felt the bottom of my foot since 2011. I would go to work and come home exhausted. Having been a previous patient, I trusted Dr. Keith and knew she wanted the very best for my health.

I’ve been in the program for 3 months now. I am no longer crying from my pain and have decreased some of my pain medication. I can feel the bottom of my foot! My right foot is ticklish, and it hasn’t been that way since 2011. I go to work and still have energy at the end of my shift. This means I am able to walk my dog around the block. I even felt my dog nip on my foot which I have not been able to feel for quite some time.

I am beginning to feel the nerves waking up. Where I couldn’t feel anything before, now I am experiencing tingling. I know this is improvement. I know that I will continue to improve. Dr. Keith has adjusted the program for me as she has watched my progress to provide the best benefits for me. It is nice to be a person, and not just a number on a checklist. I would recommend the 360 Living neuropathy program to anyone experiencing the symptoms of neuropathy. It has helped me and I believe it can help you!

Teresa Anderson

Neuropathy Program Patient

I went to Dr. Keith’s neuropathy seminar in November and started the program in December 2017. I was having issues with numbness in my feet, especially on the bottom. I had reached the point I could not tell I had socks on unless I looked to see. The feeling was gone. It was beginning to affect how I walked. I also had some swelling that created some problems.

I started Dr. Keith’s program and over several weeks I began to notice that my feet were not as numb and had better sensation. I could tell whether or not I had socks on without looking down. My walking seemed to improve over the first 3 months of the program because I had better feeling in my feet.

At my 3-month follow-up there were significant improvements in my neuropathy. I’ve lost about 7 pounds using the supplements and following the diet I was given. I did eat less, and I don’t think I am as hungry. I made better choices with my food.

I still have three months to go in the program. I am going to start working on my hands and I am hoping to see as much improvement with them as I have in my feet. This has been a good program for me and I am looking forward to continued improvement.

B Drew

Neuropathy Program Patient

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